How Do I Recover My Favorites List

How Do I Recover My Favorites List

Where can I find my favorites list? 3

I need to completely restore my PC. I can't even save or back up my files. I have no other cice. I tried to restore the system but failed. I went online and I found an aspect of myself with my favorites list. But after a bit of browsing, I came back to my page and my favorite list was completely gone. Help !!!! I am disappointed and disappointed. This list contains a lot of information that I do not have access to or that I really need. Thanks for all the advice you can give.



If you use fox ...

C: \ Diseases and Settings {username} \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ fox \ Profiles \ {soing} .default

In the last folder of the string ending in .default, you will find the bookmarks.html file or the bookmarks.bak file. This is usually your last favorite and backup file. If the .html file is missing or contains z (or approximately z) bytes, then the file is either missing or corrupt. Yellow, your .bak file is fine. You can double-click and check it to load it into your default browser. Back up to a safe place. Then change the extension from .bak to .html and run Fox.

Internet Favorites list is always saved in the browser unless you have saved the list and emailed it. The list should remain in your computer's files (use S> Find> Files and Folders> Favorites) until you reformat and reinstall Windows. For security reasons, open your browser and resize the list, or manage to save the file to your computer as well as to a storage device or removable disk. If you keep all your bookmarks in one email and delete this email account, nothing, if the information can be retrieved, the user account is now empty!

If the word favorite STAR box is just below the line above ... just click on it and you pick it up ... OK ...

How Do I Recover My Favorites List