How Do I Fix A Deep Scratch From Novus Scratch Remover?

Novus can clean and restore your plastic and acrylic products. It is something that had been hidden by the general masses for many years. The Novus polish has worked wonders and has saved the consumers as well as the manufacturers a lot of money by keeping the plastic materials scratch-free.

How Do I Fix A Deep Scratch From Novus Scratch Remover?

How does Novus help to keep the plastic scratch free?

Novus is an amazing product to restore any damage caused to the plastic because of the weather. It helps to restore the boats, headlamps, and the aquarium. The product helps to restore and to prepare the surface after polishing. It is also great to remove any heavy damage. The product has been in use since the year 1973. Today it stands as an industry leader.

Novus helps to remove any heavy scratches from the acrylic surfaces. It also works to remove the abrasions. No plastic or acrylic damage is so severe to not get treated with Novus. However, the product is not great to use in the case of coated plastic.

What is the Novus plastic scratch removal kit?

The Novus plastic scratch removal starter kit is a transportable, small pack that has everything that you will need to restore most of the plastic and acrylic. It has three different kinds of cleaning solutions. Each of the products is well geared to remove the plastic scratches of varying intensities. It could be light, heavy, or very fine scratches and any kind of abrasions.

To understand which Novus scratch removal product to buy, here is your guide.

Novus 1 - It cleans your plastic and makes it shine. The product helps to clean most kinds of plastic and leaves a shine that does not allow fogging. It helps to eliminate the dirt.

Novus 2 - It finds use to treat gentle scratches. It removes the scratches and haziness and also the abrasions that may be present in most kinds of plastic.

Novus 3 – It finds use in the case of a heavy scratch and abrasion of the acrylic or plastic surfaces. The product should not be used on the coated and polycarbonate plastics.

Features of Novus plastic scratch remover

The Novus plastic scratch removal kit comes with the following. The kit has a bottle for plastic clean and shines, a fine scratch removal bottle, a heavy scratch removal bottle, a wypall cleaning cloth, a microfiber cleaning towel, and an instruction guide.

The product can be used to care for varied kinds of plastic and acrylic products. These include hot spas and tubs, awards and trophies, giggles, safety shields, CDs, and anything made of acrylic and plastic.

How to use the Novus heavy scratch plastic remover

To use the Novus plastic scratch remover, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Shake the bottle well and test it in a small area

  • Apply the Novus 3 on the space liberally. Use a soft and clean cloth and polish the item with a back and forth motion at a right angle to the scratch. Make sure that the cloth is saturated with polish at all times.

  • Keep polishing until you only notice scratches on the surface. Make use of the cloth to remove the polish that is remaining. It is a crucial step.

  • Use a clean cloth and then apply the Novus no 2 in a circular motion on the entire surface uniformly. Make sure to polish with a little pressure until the Novus 2 will dry with a light haze.

  • Use a clean portion of the cloth and buff the surface area clean, and then use the Novus 1 to get the best results.


Make use of the Novus scratch remover from Min Plastics to remove any heavy scratches and abrasions from all kinds of plastic and acrylic surfaces. You can choose to use the Novus1,2 or 3, depending on the severity of the damage.