How Did Michael Jackson Turn White

How Did Michael Jackson Turn White

When is Michael Jackson? ۔

In what year was your operation performed and what?

He never had surgery. You have a disease called vitiligo, a type of skin cancer. He established himself in a thrilling period. As a result, she wears gloves on one side to cover the attached electronic patch and sunglasses, even though she covers the area with make-up.

I'm a fan of Michael Jackson, a young man who did a lot of research to answer this question himself. The truth is that he has a disease called vitiligo, there is more evidence that he has this disease than he does not have and after a lot of research I believe that he has this disease.

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Here is the proof ....

Michael Jackson had a disease called vitiligo. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. At the time of the thriller, he was wearing gloves because of the vitiligo in his hands.

Vitiligo What is Vitiligo As a result, skin spots appear in different parts of the y. Similar plaques appear on the mucous membranes (tissue on the lines inside the mouth and nose) and on the retina (inner layer of the eyelid). Hair that grows in areas affected by vitiligo sometimes turns into E. There is strong evidence that people with vitiligo inherit a group of three genes that cause them to degenerate. The most common theory is that depigmentation occurs because vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, a disease in which the human immune system reacts against the body or tissues. So people use proteins called cytokines that alter their fat cells and cause them to grow. Another theory is that melanocytes are self-destructive. Finally, some people have reported that an event, such as sunburn or emotional stress, causes vitiligo, but these events have not been scientifically proven to cause vitiligo.

What Michael Jackson said in an interview with Vitiligo Opera: Well, let's talk about you the most talked about, the color of your skin. Or is your skin getting whiter and brighter because you didn't like it?

Michael: Number one, as far as I know, no skin disease. I've never seen it before, I don't know what it is.

Opera: Well, they have side effects, I remember when I was a kid I used to hear it white and shiny, but you have to have 300,000 gallons.

Michael: Okay, but the number one situation. I have a skin problem that spoils my skin tone, it's a problem I can't avoid, right? But it hurts when people make up stories that I don't want to be.

Opera: They ...

Michael: It's a problem for me that I can't control ... but what about the millions of people who sit in the dark in the sun, to be different? Says nothing more

Opera: When did this happen? When ... when did your skin color change?

Michael: My God, I didn't ... A few moments after Thriller, off the wall, Thriller, then.

Opera: But what do you think?

Michael: He's part of my family, my wife says he's with her. I can't control it, I don't understand, I mean, I'm really sad. I don't want to go into my chart because it's private, but that's the situation here.

Opera: Well I just wanted to get rid of it, didn't you use something to change the color of your skin?

Michael: Oh no, we tried to control it and the make-up happened because it colored my skin. I also need to get my skin out. But guess what, why is it so important? It doesn't matter to me. I'm a big fan of art. I love Miguel Angle, if I had the chance to talk to him or read to him I would like to know what he is, I know his anatomy, not what he turned out to be in the last few hours. ... And ... I mean, it's important to me.

Do you want more information and tests! I have written in my source.

Michael Jackson's skin

There is photographic evidence of skin lesions in New Zealand. When Michael and his sister Janet were young, they both wore white clothes called porcelain. Janet Jackson's skin now compared to her childhood? Very easy! here too? I do not think. This condition can affect acne-prone skin, but there is not a single case where it is completely visible. Wants to be MJE If she was very proud then why did she adopt through surrogacy? He then claimed that he was meeting Debbie Roy, that he had only two nose jobs, and that he had never lied to Michael Jackson. I finally found peace.

Around 1985, the skin was cleaned. He tried to hide it, but in 1986 he could no longer hide it and had to publicly reveal what had happened. In a 1993 interview with Opera, he revealed that he had Vitiligo.

To give the best and most informative answer to Mr. JS's outbreak, give Snowwood Natas Seri Klau and everyone a very informative break about the disease. The first medical specialist.

,. I mean, what's wrong with you? I am not MJ but you are far from the truth. As proof that she has Vertiligo, she claims that she is still with Vertiligo and that she seems to be trying to erase the definition of King of Pop instead of answering that question. Your voice is not good. You look terrible. I think you are crazy and can get some help.

It wasn't surgery, it was skin cancer that did it.

It was like that changed in the late 90's, around 1998 I think?

How Did Michael Jackson Turn White

How Did Michael Jackson Turn White

In the early 1980's, I think it was a process that took many years. Obviously a flawed process.

She didn't have surgery for it (see five answers), but had a nose job.

This is not surgery! Open your mind, man! This is skin cancer !! = P

How Did Michael Jackson Turn White