How can You Get Admission in David Geffen School of Medicine?


The University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine-known as the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLArouse great interest among the general public and is amongst the top-ranked medical schools in the world. The school is affiliated with the renowned Mayo Clinic. It offers various degree programs in complementary medical practices, pediatrics, and internal medicine, as well as a department of bioorganic medicine. The school has come up with a highly acclaimed website to complement its excellent academic facilities. The website provides detailed information about the various degree programs, specializations, and practitioners available in the school and also provides contact details of the admission and graduation processes.

Different Departments of David Geffen School of Medicine

The David Geffen School of Medicine has many branches, namely, neurobiological surgery, psychiatry, cardiology, hematology, radiology, and gastrointestinal. It offers specialized programs in internal medicine and clinical neuropsychology. It also has branches in genetics, gynecology, gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynecologic surgery, nasal, cardiovascular, and pediatrics, skin and nail technology. The school also offers programs in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Apart from these, the school also offers courses in nursing and dentistry, cooking and food science, photography, food service management, administrative sciences, arts and sciences, business and legal programs, public health, and occupational therapy.

What is the Admission Process for DGSOM

The admission process for the David Geffen School of Medicine is tough, with a large intake, and is considered competitive. Enrollment is competitive even for international students coming from underdeveloped countries. The admission procedure includes a comprehensive written evaluation, interview, essay, and drug screening. The students need to maintain high grades throughout their careers. They are also required to participate regularly in college planning. Students have to be aware of their clinical duties and the basic principles of medicine.

The first year of the study includes lectures on the history and development of the medical education system, introduction to medicine, anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, medical terminology, and ethics. The second-year mainly consists of courses in hospital management, research methodology, statistics, quality improvement, clinic management, administrative practices, and clinical sciences. The final year is mostly of specialized courses such as AIDS epidemic studies, geriatric studies, plastic surgery, family and substance abuse prevention, allergy disorders, and nutritional disorders. The major areas of specialization that students are offered include cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, pediatrics, and neurology. The school also offers courses in pathology, endocrinology, orthopedics, pulmonary medicine, and ultrasound technology.

Important Courses in This University

Courses in Ethics are very important and are compulsory for all students. It helps to inculcate the right set of values and principles in their minds. It also encourages social and communal interaction. Students are taught how to identify a problem and how to conduct an ethical search before arriving at a conclusion. This is crucial for a successful career in medicine because all practitioners need to identify problems early and conduct an Ethical Search before proceeding to treat the patients.

Facilities in David Geffen School of Medicine

David Geffen School of Medicine provides its students with the best possible facilities. The interdisciplinary curriculum ensures that all students are given equal opportunities in all subjects. This means that irrespective of the academic background, all students have equal access to all the courses. The teaching style is highly professional and innovative so that all students derive maximum benefit from the course. The technological aspect of the program has been highly advanced. For example, the MRI machines used at the school are state-of-the-art.

Students studying in the DGSOM are given sound coaching by world-class faculty. These include renowned cardiologists, orthopedists, pediatricians, and psychologists. They use various modern techniques to give personalized training to their students. The course material is taught using modern methods so that students are able to understand the course material at the earliest time. They are also able to grasp the concepts easily and, therefore, are able to retain them for a longer period of time.

David Geffen School of Medicine Accreditation

David Geffen School of Medicine is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs. This ensures that the quality of education offered by the school is high and that the students will not face any problems when it comes to their graduation. This school also provides placement assistance after the completion of the course. Students can avail themselves of free medical insurance plans, study loans, free housing, subsidized or government health insurance when they join this school.