How Arrogance Can Feed On The Business?

When you do a business, you need to think more about specific issues that play their essential roles in signifying your business’s value. It will help if you stabilize the behavior to get the responsive staff useful to delight the customers and finance to manage stock and its quality.

The care must be intensive because even the smallest mistake could lead to your business’s final distortion. The common mistakes are the provoking aspects that are responsible for the collapse of your business.


Arrogance is the most common mistake. It adds poisons in the relations and thus damages the relationships. This blog will accompany the reader to harness their personal attitude that is needed to change with the time for the condition to maintain your business and work for the welfare of society. This will finally pave the way to successful business life.

I am writing this blog after reviewing the real-life performances and with my personal experiences. And I claim that your arrogance can kill the going or proceedings of your business. If you own a business and are arrogant, then I urge you to stop feeling too proud of the wealth you possess.

How ego kills the business

If you still feel too proud of your possessions, then, believe me, you can lose your status and your business anytime. Let me make you understand with a few examples.

When I was ten years old, I started working at a medical store. The store was located in the most crowded area, and it was the only medical store there. In the starting years of its opening, the store was going easy, but soon the owner started feeling his workers and subordinates inferior before himself.

He did not even treat his customers in a reasonable manner, and the people had no other options. The people were forced to buy medicines from his store. Many weeks passed by, another medical store had opened in the distance of 1.5 km. As soon as it started working, the business of the former went down.

Earlier people had no option when they started taking medicines from there as they sew the new store. The owner of the former store felt guilty about his behavior with his subordinates and the customers. Within fewer times, he covered his senses, and he saved his business from ruin.

The thing is not most of the business owners do like this and do not even understand the causes of their destructive consequences. And when the time comes to fix the problem, the time is gone.

Not only single but there are many examples I have with I can suggest you to stop demeaning yourself with false, proud attitude. I have witnessed that ego shown in a single time lead to destroying the entire business.

It endeavors to lose the status quo

Here is another example of a confectioner who owns a confectionery shop which is around 25 years old. Since that time, this was the only shop, and no one opens a shop similar to that. The owner had started from a very small level, and I respect him from the heart even today.

He struggled a lot, but because of his progress, he dwelled with ego. Even his workers were feeling too proud of their work, and I noticed that the workers behaved badly with the customers. After making many complaints, the owner did not make them understand and took no action.

Since people had no options, so his shop was easy going. At a distance of a minimum of 20 meters, there was another shop that had opened. The owner took financial help from direct lenders as loans in Ireland.

The workers were welcoming and throwing the right attitude towards the customers. Within 25 days, the new shop had replaced the old one with a significant margin of profits.

The latter received a lot of crowds whereas the former had left with very few customers. This applies to every business. When you start feeling wrong proud, you demean yourself and prevent your growth.

The last preference of the blog

You stop giving value to your precious customers and losing them. In such a case, the customer seeks another option, and as he gets the new option, he moves his direction towards that. This also had happened in the case of international companies.

Yahoo, with its ego, did not value Google. It claimed that there was no need for any search engine as their existing directory system is perfect. As we all have witnessed that Google defeated yahoo by destroying all its revenues.


Before Facebook, Myspace had a massive social network, but it did not seek its betterment and lost the competition. Even Nokia believed that his feature phones are best, but it practically destroyed itself. Blackberry targeted only the executive market now no one wills to own it.

Countless examples tell the only cause of demeaning business at most of the times is Arrogance.