How Accurate Is Usps Tracking

How Accurate Is Usps Tracking

Is USPS tracking accurate? 3

Yes, I ordered an ipne from a North Carolina seller on eBay. I keep tracking the package and it says I have to get it today, but I want to know what USPS really is. I heard his reaction was bad ... what do you mean?

Not as reliable as UPS and FEDEX tracking. In most cases this is not necessary.

From the day of delivery, the general guidelines for USPS are very strict:

First letter 35 days

Preferred mail: 23 days, sometimes 4 days

68 days by mail

Media mail up to 714 days and in exceptional cases up to 21 days.

Delivering the package in the morning or at night usually makes a difference on the day of delivery.

Detailed USPS tracking

it's a joke! We sent several packages 3 days ago and only the tracking information is still at our destination. We also offer preferential packages after regular packages. If you call USPS, they are not interested in knowing what's going on.

I would say you can't do it today. From clothes to the post office and then to the main office and then to you. I like to say 34 days.

How Accurate Is Usps Tracking