Definition of Household:

  1. All persons living under one roof or occupying a separate housing unit, having either direct access to the outside (or to a public area) or a separate cooking facility. Where the members of a household are related by blood or law, they constitute a family.

  2. A house and its occupants regarded as a unit.

Synonyms of Household

Attic, Accustomed, Ancestral halls, Average, Brood, Chaste, Children, Chimney corner, Classic, Classical, Common, Commonly known, Commonplace, Conventional, Current, Customary, Domal, Domestic, Domiciliary, Everyday, Familiar, Family, Family homestead, Fireplace, Fireside, Folks, Foyer, Garden, Garden-variety, Get, Habitual, Hackneyed, Hearth, Hearth and home, Hearthstone, Home, Home place, Home roof, Home sweet home, Homefolks, Homely, Homespun, Homestead, House, Ingle, Inglenook, Ingleside, Issue, Manorial, Mansional, Matter-of-fact, Menage, Nondescript, Normative, Notorious, Offspring, Ordinary, Palatial, Paternal roof, People, Plain, Platitudinous, Popular, Predominating, Prescriptive, Prevailing, Prosaic, Prosy, Proverbial, Public, Pure, Pure and simple, Regular, Regulation, Residential, Residentiary, Roof, Rooftree, Simple, Standard, Stock, Talked-about, Talked-of, Toft, Trite, Truistic, Universal, Universally admitted, Universally recognized, Usual, Vernacular, Well-kenned, Well-known, Well-recognized, Well-understood, Widely known, Wonted, Workaday, Workday, Family, House, Family circle, Ménage, Clan, Tribe

How to use Household in a sentence?

  1. The whole household was asleep.
  2. In quiet moments, Mary Anne had to admit to herself that her kids were happy, the bills were paid and, all in all, the household she ran was a happy, healthy place, despite her husbands disappearance.
  3. In quiet moments, Mary Anne had to admit to herself that her kids were happy, the bills were paid and, all in all, the household she ran was a happy, healthy place, despite her husbands disappearance.
  4. Your household income will let you know how much you can spend per month and what you will be able to save.

Meaning of Household & Household Definition

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