Household Expenses

Household Expenses,

How To Define Household Expenses?

Provides per capita gross living costs, including family expenses, housing, household rental items, payment facilities, and other expenses. Then, the amount of all expenses is divided by the number of family members who live in the house so that each member can find a share of each expense.

  • Family expenses are a disorder of the general cost of living.
  • Offer high standard deductions and low tax rates for tax purposes.
  • Household spending can be broadly divided into housing, children, transportation, and recreation.

Literal Meanings of Household Expenses


Meanings of Household:
  1. A house and its inhabitants as a whole

Sentences of Household
  1. The whole house sleeps

Synonyms of Household

tribe, clan, family, family circle, house, ménage


Meanings of Expenses:
  1. Compensation for tax base (item of expenses).

  2. The price or need for something.

Sentences of Expenses
  1. Up to Rs 17,500 can be collected in capital expenditure this year

  2. Conference rooms are expensive

Synonyms of Expenses

price, cost