House rental agreement


This Rent Agreement is made on this __________ (date of lease arrangement) by ________________ (name of the landowner) S/o _______________ (father’s name of the proprietor), Add: ___________________________________________________ (private location of the landowner). In this after called the Lessor/Owner, Party Of the initial segment


_____________________________ (Name of the proposed organization), through its proposed chief __________ (name of the chief) called Lessee/Tenant, Party of the Second PartThat the statement of the term , Lessor/Owner and the Lessee/Tenant Shall mean and incorporate their lawful beneficiaries replacements , appoints , delegate and so forth. Though the Lessor/Owner is the proprietor and possessing the property No: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ (enlisted address of the organization) and has consented to let out the one office Room, one Toilet and Bathroom Set on said property, to the Lessee/Tenant and the Lessee/Tenant has consented to take the equivalent on lease of Rs. ______/ - (In words) every month. Presently THIS RENT AGREEMENT WITNESSETH AS UNDER:-

That the Tenant/Lessee will pay as the month to month lease of RS. _________/ - (In words) every month, barring power and water charge.

That the Tenant/Lessee will not sub–let any aspect of the above said demised introduced premises to any other person under any conditions without the assent of Owner.

That the Tenant/Lessee will maintain all the bye - laws , rules and guideline, of the nearby experts in regard of the demised premises and will not do any criminal operations in the said demised premises.

That this Lease is conceded for a time of Eleven (11) months just beginning from ___________ (date of lease initiating from) and this rent can be expanded further by both the gatherings with their shared assent based on winning rental incentive in the market .

  • That the Lessee will pay Electricity and Water charge according to the proportionate utilization of the meter to the Lessor/Owner.

  • That the Tenant/Lessee will not be qualified for make structure in the leased premises aside from the establishment of impermanent adornment, wooden segment/lodge, air – conditioners and so forth without the earlier assent of the proprietor.

  • That the Tenant/tenant can neither make expansion/modification in the said premises without the composed assent of the proprietor, nor the resident can rent part or whole premises to any person(s)/firm(s)/company(s).

  • That the Tenant/Lessee will allow the Lessor/Owner or his Authorized operator to enter in to the said rented premises for examination/general looking at or to convey the fix work, at any sensible time.

  • That the Tenant/Lessee will keep the said premises in clean and sterile condition and will not do or causes to be done any demonstration which might be a disturbance to other.

  • That the Tenant/Lessees will continue most of the everyday minor fixes at his/her own expense.

  • That this Agreement might be ended before the expiry of this occupancy period by serving One month earlier notification by either party for this expectation .

  • That the Lessee will utilize the above said premises for Official Purpose Only.

  • That the Lessee/Tenant Shall not store/Keep any hostile, hazardous, dangerous or profoundly Inflammable articles in the said premises and will not utilize the equivalent for any unlawful exercises .

  • That the Lessee will pay the one month’s development lease to the Lessor the equivalent will be balanced in month to month lease.

  • That both the gatherings have perused and seen all the substance of this understanding and have marked the equivalent with no power or weight from any side.

In WITNESS WHEREOF the lessor/Owner and the Tenant/Lessee have hereunto bought in their grasp at ______ (place) on this the _____________ (date of lease arrangement) year first previously mentioned in quite a while of the accompanying WITNESSES:- 1. 2.___________ (name of the landowner) _________________ (name of the proposed Company)

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