Definition of Hotspot:

  1. A place of significant activity or danger.

  2. A small area or region with a relatively hot temperature in comparison to its surroundings.

  3. Hyperlinked icon, picture, symbol, text, etc.

  4. An area on a computer screen that can be clicked to activate a function.

  5. A popular place of entertainment.

Synonyms of Hotspot

Nightclub, Club, Boîte, Supper club

How to use Hotspot in a sentence?

  1. Fire engines were required to visit the scene again last night after hotspots appeared to be in danger of re-igniting.
  2. They identified eight pollution hotspots at the mouth of the Thames.
  3. She knew all the Manhattan hotspots for classy blues and retro jazz.
  4. The interface has some problems - it is sloppy with its cursor hot spots, and the save and load screens are about as vanilla as you can get - but overall it gets the job done.

Meaning of Hotspot & Hotspot Definition