Hotschedules App

Hotschedules App

How do I make the HotSchedules app available?

| Hotschedule users have the ability to change availability and send it to their restaurant manager. To report an accessibility change, follow these steps: Open the Settings tab and select the Personal sub-tab. Select the plus sign and the date on which the availability request will become active.

How can I simply request a break in the Hotschedules app?

Log into your Hotschedules account and go to the HOME tab. Select EXIT AND REQUEST. Then select the day you want to use. A menu will open where you can enter the details of your request.

Other than that, how do you see everyone and have a hotsched schedule?

Follow these steps to view employee phone numbers:

  1. Log into your HotSchedules account.
  2. On the Home tab, select the View full subscription in My Drive drop-down menu.
  3. Select your preferred schedule, a pop-up will be generated with the complete schedule with employee phone numbers.

How are these hotschedules used?

Log into HotSchedules and go to the Schedule tab. Select the week for which you want to use position rotation here. In the planner, go to the Tools menu and select Rotate Position. A menu will open asking you to enter the schedule and rotation you want.

What does the effective date on Hotschedules mean?

The specified date is the active availability date. If you’ve just started using hotschedules, they’ll show up as fully available. You can choose any date from the current date. C Here you can select the administrator who will authorize the access you set. You can also send it to everyone at the same time.

What are the hot programs?

HotSchedule. HotSchedules is the industry-leading workforce scheduling application that reduces the time it takes to create, communicate and manage employee work schedules.

How much does HotSchedule cost?

With 30 people on HotSchedules, you’ll likely get a quote of 40 per month per location. Homebase gives you basic workforce planning, time tracking, and team communication tools for free, and you can upgrade to more advanced features for just 20 a month.

How can I create a schedule for hotschedules?

Log in to HotSchedules and go to the Schedule tab. Once you have selected the week you want to schedule, go to the House Shift Manager at the bottom of the planner and look for a change to add to the schedule. Select the offset, then press S on your keyboard.

Does Hotschedules have an app?

Users have the option to download the HotSchedule mobile app on their smartphone to log into their account. We currently have a HotSchedules app available for iPhone and Android users.

How can I change the restaurant during hot hours?

Follow these steps to add and edit locations:

How do I update Hotschedules?

HS How to update a name in HotSchedules

How do I schedule in HotSchedules?

Log in to HotSchedules and go to the Schedule tab. Select the Program menu at the top right and select the Settings option. This opens the Planner Settings menu.

What is the HotSchedules app?

HotSchedules is the industry’s leading online workforce scheduling software that reduces the time it takes to create, communicate and manage employee work schedules.

Hotschedules App