Definition of Hotel:

  1. Establishment of accommodation, food and other services for travelers and tourists.

  2. The code word for the letter H, used in radio communication.

  3. Commercial companies that offer accommodation, food and other services to their customers.

    Generally, to be eligible for a hotel, a property must be rented for at least six rooms, at least three of which must have private bathrooms. Although a hotel is rated in the star category (1 to 5 stars), there is no standard way to assign this rating and compliance with routine requirements is voluntary. For example, a US hotel with a special rating may look very different from a European or Asian hotel with the same rating and may offer different levels of comfort, different facilities and quality of service. Although hotel chains guarantee uniform standards everywhere, non-chain hotels (even in the same country) may not agree on the same standards. In Germany, for example, about 30% of hotels have chosen to meet the standards of the German Association of Hotels and Restaurants. Although the WTO and ISO have tried to persuade hotels to accept some of the minimum requirements as world-class, the Paris-based International Hotel & Amp Restaurant (IH and MPRA) All members of the party are against the move.

    According to the IH&MPA, it would be an undesirable and impossible task to align a hotel rating with a single rating (which is in line with national borders). As a leader, 1-star hotels offer limited facilities and services, but maintain high standards of cleanliness throughout the property. A 2-star hotel offers standard accommodation and rooms that are better than a telephone and private bathroom. The 3-star hotel has more spacious rooms, luxurious furnishings and furniture, and a color TV. It also offers one or more bars or lounges. A 4-star hotel is very comfortable and spacious and offers great food (Table de Heights and Lilla Cart), room service and other amenities. This five star hotel offers extremely luxurious facilities, a wide range of guest services and a swimming pool, sports and fitness facilities.

    The Official Hotel Guide (published in the United States and known worldwide) has its own rating system that divides hotels into nine categories: (1) Moderate Economy Class, (2) Economy Class, (3) (High Economy Class), (4) First Moderate Class, (5) First Class Limited Service, (6) First Class, (7) Moderate Deluxe Room, (8) Deluxe and (9) Superior Deluxe.

Synonyms of Hotel

Inn, Doss house, Hostelry, Rooming, Rooming house, Lodging house, Lodging, Hostel, Lodge, Posada, Inn, Pension, Ordinary, Motel, Dormitory, Public house, Guest house, Pub, Public, Tavern, Roadhouse, Hospice, Flophouse, Dorm, Fleabag, Motor hotel, Boardinghouse

How to use Hotel in a sentence?

  1. You should always host your most important customers in a good hotel so that they can have a lot of fun during their stay.
  2. I will stay in a hotel and not with my parents, who infuriated them and blamed them.
  3. In the NATO alphabet: G is golf, H is hotel and L is five.
  4. We can book this hotel for a week for a business conference and its location is close to the corporate headquarters.
  5. Instead, he spent two nights in a hotel room in Frankfurt, where no one came to greet him at the other end of the line.

Meaning of Hotel & Hotel Definition