Hot Hand

Hot Hand,

What is The Definition of Hot Hand?

  • Hot Hand means: Warm Hands believes that having a series of successes makes a person or company more likely to succeed. For example, if a person flips a coin (correctly) and correctly estimates that it falls three times in a row, it can be said that his hand is good. In that case, your chances of guessing which way the coin will fall are actually considered to be over 50%. When there is a break in chess, the same concept is created with a cold hand.

    • Warm Hands People believe that after a series of successes (or failures), a person or company is more likely to continue with success (or failure).
    • Psychologists believe that errors are caused by the heuristics of a representative who identifies hot manipulation errors.
    • However, some research suggests that warm hands may be real in some sports events.

Literal Meanings of Hot Hand


Meanings of Hot:
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Sentences of Hot
  1. It's hot in the hallway

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Synonyms of Hot

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Meanings of Hand:
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  4. The last part of a person's arm is outside the wrist, which includes the palms, fingers and thumbs.

  5. Clock or a hand of a clock that shows the passage of units of time.

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Sentences of Hand
  1. Drink all

  2. Put it back in the car

  3. Hands clasped!

  4. Guide him by the hand

  5. is used

  6. You are in charge of the day to day running of the house

  7. This should be a tip for assigning your hands to something else.

  8. A worker

  9. He has good hands

Synonyms of Hand

factory worker, charge, authority, workman, help, needle, assist, let someone have, artisan, pointer, labourer, give, give someone a helping hand, toss, employee, worker, index, hireling, marker, hired hand, workperson, control, workwoman, blue-collar worker, unskilled worker, power