Hostile Takeover Bid

Hostile Takeover Bid,

What is The Meaning of Hostile Takeover Bid?

  1. A reasonable takeover bid occurs when a company seeks to gain control of a publicly traded company without the approval or involvement of the target company's board of directors. As the board disagrees, the potential acquisition has three ways to gain control. The first is a takeover bid, the second is a proxy dispute and the third is the purchase of essential shares of the company in the open market.

Literal Meanings of Hostile Takeover Bid


Meanings of Hostile:
  1. The opponent is not friendly.

Sentences of Hostile
  1. Opposing audience

Synonyms of Hostile

antagonistic, aggressive, confrontational, belligerent, bellicose, pugnacious, militant, truculent, combative, warlike


Meanings of Takeover:
  1. The act of overcoming something, especially the acquisition of one company by another.

Sentences of Takeover
  1. The majority is at stake instead of gaining

Synonyms of Takeover

gaining of control, change of ownership, purchase, acquisition, buying


Meanings of Bid:
  1. Bid (a specific price) for something, especially at auction.

  2. Bid for the price, especially at auction.

  3. Saying (salam or farewell) a.

  4. Orders or orders to do something (to someone).

Sentences of Bid
  1. A consortium of retailers is proposing a world record price for a box of tobacco

  2. Several buyers bid on Van Gogh sketches

  3. Opportunity to say goodbye to your president

  4. I did what he told me to do

Synonyms of Bid

offer, make an offer of, put in a bid of, put up, tender, proffer, propose, submit, put forward, advance, proposal, submission, wish, order, command, tell, instruct, direct, require, enjoin, charge, demand, call upon