Hospital-surgical Policies

Hospital-surgical Policies,

Definition of Hospital-surgical Policies:

  1. Insurance policy which includes hospital and surgical services.

Literal Meanings of Hospital-surgical Policies


Meanings of Hospital:
  1. Medical, surgical and nursing care facilities for the sick or injured.

  2. A hospital, especially night hospitals.

  3. A non-profit organization to train young people.

Sentences of Hospital
  1. My doctor referred me to the eye clinic at the local hospital for surgical treatment.

Synonyms of Hospital

medical centre, sanatorium, clinic, nursing home, convalescent home, hospice, medical institution, health centre, infirmary


Meanings of Surgical:
  1. Relatives or use in surgery.

  2. It refers to something special, especially a quick and accurate military strike.

Sentences of Surgical
  1. Surgical bandage

  2. Surgical fire


Meanings of Policies:
  1. An act or principle of action is adopted or proposed by an organization or individual.

  2. Illegal lottery or numbers game.

Sentences of Policies
  1. Controversial government economic policy

  2. They make policies together

Synonyms of Policies

system, proposed action, code, scheme, stance, position, blueprint, notions, intentions, strategy, plans, line, attitude, programme, stratagem, schedule, theory, guidelines, approach