Hospital Medicine

Hospital Medicine,

What is The Definition of Hospital Medicine?

A medical specialty that covers the care needs of patients with transient illnesses. Physicians who work primarily in the field of hospital medicine are called hospital specialists. The primary role of hospital staff is to act as the case manager for these patients. Hospital staff needs a huge increase in medical knowledge and the number of specialists whose care needs to be coordinated. Hospital medicine, like emergency medicine, is a feature based on the patient's location (hospital), such as organs (e.g., psychiatry), disease (e.g., oncology), or age (e.g., B-geriatrics). Opposes Currently, there are more than 30,000 hospitals in the United States.

Literal Meanings of Hospital Medicine


Meanings of Hospital:
  1. Institutions providing medical, surgical and nursing care to the sick or injured.

  2. A hospital, especially night hospitals.

  3. A non-profit organization to train young people.

Sentences of Hospital
  1. My doctor referred me to the eye clinic of the local hospital for surgical treatment.

Synonyms of Hospital

infirmary, nursing home, medical institution, hospice, clinic, sanatorium, medical centre, health centre, convalescent home


Meanings of Medicine:
  1. The science or practice of diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease (in technical terms it is often used to exclude surgery).

  2. Compounds or preparations for the treatment or prevention of diseases, especially taking one or more medicines orally.

  3. A spell, mantra, or amulet (especially among some North American Indians) is believed to have healing, protective, or other powers.

Sentences of Medicine
  1. Make significant contributions to pathology and medicine

  2. Give him medicine

  3. Floor hit him with a bad medicine.

Synonyms of Medicine

healing, patent medicine, healing art, dose, therapy, remedy, practice of medicine, medical science, prescription, therapeutics, medication, placebo, medicament, panacea, nostrum, treatment, drug, cure-all, cure, quack remedy