Hospital Indemnity Coverage

Hospital Indemnity Coverage,

How To Define Hospital Indemnity Coverage?

  1. Insurance coverage that offers a pre-determined benefit or allowance for emergencies due to admission to hospitals or intensive care units.

Literal Meanings of Hospital Indemnity Coverage


Meanings of Hospital:
  1. A facility that provides medical, surgical and nursing care to the sick or injured.

  2. A hospital, especially Knights Hospitals Hospital.

  3. A non-profit organization that trains young people.

Sentences of Hospital
  1. Crust Hospital

Synonyms of Hospital

base hospital, medical institution, clinic, lazaretto, sanatorium, convalescent home, hospice, nursing home, field hospital, health centre, cottage hospital, medical centre, infirmary


Meanings of Indemnity:
  1. Protection or protection from loss or other financial burden.

Sentences of Indemnity
  1. Loss of money is not compensated.

Synonyms of Indemnity

surety, protection, safeguard, endorsement, warranty, assurance, indemnification, security, insurance, guarantee


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. How far is it about anything else?

  2. An area that can be covered by a given volume or weight of a substance.

  3. How much protection does an insurance policy provide?

  4. As a defender or team defends the safety of a player, zone or game.

Sentences of Coverage
  1. Grammar does not provide complete language coverage.

  2. Coverage is 6.5 square meters per liter.

  3. Mantle mantle