Horoscopo Sideral

Horoscopo Sideral

Sideral or tropical roscopo? 3

What exactly is Rosopo ???

I made a birth chart with a cedral roscope and reduced all the traces, from Le Sario to Scorpio to Virgo. And I don't have Scorpio: Yeah, I don't even recognize that sign.


I learned with Hugo Bonito (Argentine astrologer) that we said both letters are correct, the tropical wish is also with the cidrell and I'm sure his stellar totals are incredible.

The path we have is the rule, where we turn our eyes.

The sun is the essence of our existence.

If you do not recognize a Scorpio, it is because it is not your true nature, but you are removing the features of the sign, such as checking things carefully.

Tropical: Riskopo with traces of Ptolemy's time.

Siderail: Rescue with a character in Macau's position.

There is a difference of about 24 degrees.

The fact that you do not recognize him as a character does not mean that you do not have him. It's hard to see

What about free reading from the start?

Pineapple belonged to a friend, under construction and already working.

Horoscopo Sideral