Horizontal Channel

Horizontal Channel,

What Does Horizontal Channel Mean?

The horizontal channel is a trend line that connects the height and bottom of the variable axis to show the value between the upper resistance line and the lower support line. Horizontal channels are also known as price bands or background trends.

  • The horizontal channel is a trend line that connects the rise and fall of the variable axis.
  • In the horizontal channel, buying and selling pressures are the same and the current price direction is the same.
  • Horizontal channels provide precise points for traders to enter and exit negotiations.

Literal Meanings of Horizontal Channel


Meanings of Horizontal:
  1. Horizontal lines, planes, etc.

  2. Stands for horizontal plane parallel to vertical.

  3. Contains social groups of equal status.

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Sentences of Horizontal
  1. Nosho characters consist of four types of strokes, including dot, horizontal, vertical and arc.

  2. Horizontal line

  3. Horizontal class loyalty

Synonyms of Horizontal

even, level, plane, horizontal, centre line, vertical, flush, straight, parallel


Meanings of Channel:
  1. Go to a specific destination or object.

  2. Serve (someone) as the middle of (the soul)

  3. Wide than the narrow body of water and connects two large bodies, especially the two seas.

  4. Frequency bands used in radio and television broadcasts, especially those used by certain broadcasters.

  5. Means to transfer or transfer information.

  6. An electrical circuit that acts as a signal path.

  7. A tubular passage or channel for fluids.

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Sentences of Channel
  1. Advertising pays for radio

  2. She changed her mind about Billy Holiday

  3. The Gulf includes salt marshes, shallow and open water, sea channels, salt marshes and many islands as well as freshwater lakes.

  4. According to this concept, multiple antennas transmit different data streams simultaneously on the same radio channel and the same frequency band.

  5. They did not apply through appropriate channels

  6. Audio channel

  7. Fish eggs have small channels called micropiles.

Synonyms of Channel

convey, course, direct, vehicle, straits, transmit, route, mechanism, pass on, channel, avenue, arm, neck, method, waterway, guide, broadcasting organization, means, narrows, instrument, conduct, carry, passage, sea passage, agency, bear, transport