Horizon Analysis

Horizon Analysis,

What Does Horizon Analysis Mean?

  • The definition of Horizon Analysis is: Horizon Analysis uses scenario analysis to estimate the horizon of total or expected return on a security or portfolio in the life of an investor.

Literal Meanings of Horizon Analysis


Meanings of Horizon:
  1. The line where the surface of the earth meets the sky.

  2. Limitations of a person's mental perceptions, experiences or interests.

  3. A layer of clay or rock layers or layers with special properties

Sentences of Horizon
  1. The sun rose over the horizon

  2. He wanted to expand his horizons by leaving home

  3. Continuous flow occurs when the density of different layers of soil horizon changes significantly.

Synonyms of Horizon

scope, range of experience, field of view, perspective, compass, perception, skyline, ambit, view, sphere, vista, range of vision, outlook, purview, orbit


Meanings of Analysis:
  1. A detailed study of the element or structure of an object.

  2. Summary of Psychological Analysis

Sentences of Analysis
  1. Statistical analysis

Synonyms of Analysis

investigation, scrutiny, perusal, scanning, survey, examination, inspection, study