Hopi Hari Preço

Hopi Hari Preço

What is the cost or revenue of Pie Day?

54 to 65 races each year!

Papuri Value *

Snack bar: BRL 89.00

Pre-Purchase Purchase: R $ 79.00 or 3x R $ 26.34 with no credit card, by site visitors over 65 years old (ID with photo) and 1 (one) meter long tour with shoes) Papers do not pay.

Annual Passport: R $ 249.00 or 10 $ R $ 24.90 without credit card

Popular Access: R $ 64.00 Popular Race protects you, for a short time, from standing at the entrance or directly from toys.

Partial payment for toys attrac 10.00 per attraction

Extras of Attractions Before I tell you about Attractive Promen.

Electronic game attraction information.

Student Passport **: R $ 32.00

* The above values ​​are subject to note change, without any notes.

** Access to student, cultural and educational places.

Enjoy and access the Link Center service quickly and securely from the Internet: 4007 1134 (local link guard)

The cost of our chiga is 20 per person for me and 40 for the whole

You don't buy a place, you pay 79.00. If you buy one at the store you pay 89.00 or 10 price, but it is expensive. You can get a dealer in your city, here I received at least 40 paise.

It helps :)

Drums on your site that you can see from the park and other things or before this page :)

Hopi Hari Preço