Definition of Hook:

  1. Strike (the ball) or play (a stroke) so that the ball deviates in the direction of the follow-through, typically inadvertently.

  2. A thing designed to catch peoples attention.

  3. A curved promontory or sand spit.

  4. Attract and hold the attention of; captivate.

  5. Enticing offer, clever phrase, or catchy jingle that captures its intended recipients attention, arouses interest, and makes him or her receptive to the proposition that follows.

  6. A short swinging punch made with the elbow bent, especially in boxing.

  7. Attach or fasten with a hook or hooks.

  8. A piece of metal or other material, curved or bent back at an angle, for catching hold of or hanging things on.

  9. A curved stroke in handwriting.

  10. Catch with a hook.

  11. Push (the ball) backward with the foot from the front line in a scrum.

  12. A curved cutting instrument, especially as used for reaping or shearing.

Synonyms of Hook

Punch, Blow, Hit, Box, Cuff, Thump, Smack, Crack, Knock, Thwack, Catch, Take, Land, Net, Bag, Snare, Ensnare, Trap, Entrap, Attach, Fix, Hitch, Fasten, Secure, Clasp, Billhook, Scythe, Sickle, Peg, Holder, L, Long Melford, Abstract, Acquitted, All the way, Allure, Anchor, Anchorage, And, And sinker, Angle, Angle off, Annex, Apex, Appropriate, Arc, Arch, Argue into, Articulate, Backhand, Backhander, Backstroke, Bag, Bait, Bait the hook, Baited trap, Bar, Batten, Batten down, Belt, Bend, Bend back, Berth, Bifurcate, Bifurcation, Bight, Bill, Birdlime, Bola, Bolo punch, Bolt, Boom, Boost, Borrow, Bow, Branch, Breakwater, Bring over, Bring round, Bring to reason, Buckle, Butt, Button, Cabbage, Cant, Cape, Captivate, Capture, Catacaustic, Catch, Catch out, Catenary, Caustic, Charm, Chersonese, Chevron, Circle, Clasp, Claws, Cleared, Cleat, Clip, Clotheshorse, Clothespin, Clutches, Cobweb, Coin, Collar, Come what may, Come-on, Completely, Con, Conchoid, Convince, Cop, Coral reef, Corner, Crane, Crank, Crib, Crook, Crotchet, Curl, Curve, Decoy, Decoy duck, Decurve, Deflect, Deflection, Defraud, Delta, Diacaustic, Digits, Dogleg, Dome, Dovetail, Dragnet, Draw over, Drawcard, Drawing card, Elbow, Ell, Ellipse, Embezzle, Embow, Endearment, Enmesh, Ensnare, Ensnarl, Entangle, Entirely, Entoil, Entrap, Enweb, Exonerated, Extort, Fangs, Fastener, Festoon, Filch, Fingernails, Fingers, Fishhook, Flex, Fly, Foreland, Fork, Foul, Furcate, Furcation, Gain, Gain over, Gallows, Garter, Gibbet, Gill net, Gin, Grab, Ground bait, Hake, Hands, Hanger, Harpoon, Hasp, Haymaker, Head, Headland, Hinge, Hitch, Holder, Hook, Hook in, Hooks, Horse, Hump, Hunch, Hyperbola, In the clear, Incurvate, Incurve, Inflect, Inflection, Inveigle, Jam, Jaws, Jig, Joint, Knee, Knob, Land, Lariat, Lasso, Latch, Let off, Liberate, Lift, Lime, Line, Lituus, Lock, Loop, Lure, Make off with, Mandibles, Maxillae, Meathooks, Mesh, Meshes, Miter, Mitts, Mooring, Mooring buoy, Moorings, Mortise, Mudhook, Mull, Nab, Nail, Nails, Naze, Ness, Net, Nick, Nip, Nippers, Nook, Noose, Off, One-two, Out of it, Outtalk, Palm, Parabola, Peg, Peninsula, Persuade, Pilfer, Pin, Pincers, Pinch, Plug, Poach, Point, Pothook, Pounces, Pound net, Prevail on, Prevail upon, Prevail with, Promontory, Purloin, Purse seine, Quoin, Rabbet, Recurve, Reef, Reflect, Reflex, Remove, Retroflex, Ring, Rip off, Rivet, Rob, Rope, Round, Round-arm blow, Roundhouse, Run away with, Rustle, Sack, Sag, Sandspit, Scarf, Screw, Scrounge, Seine, Seize, Sell, Sell one on, Set free, Sew, Shoplift, Short-arm blow, Sidewinder, Sinus, Skewer, Slip, Snag, Snap, Snare, Snarl, Snatch, Sniggle, Snitch, Somehow or other, Someway, Spar, Spear, Spinner, Spit, Spread the toils, Springe, Spur, Squid, Staple, Steal, Stick, Stitch, Stud, Suspenders, Suspensory, Swag, Sway, Sweep, Swerve, Swindle, Swing, Swipe, Tack, Take, Talk into, Talk over, Talons, Tangle, Tangle up with, Teeth, Thieve, Thoroughly, Through and through, Toggle, Toils, Tongue, Totally, Tracery, Trap, Trawl, Trip, Turn, Unguals, Ungulae, Uppercut, Utterly, Vault, Veer, Vertex, Vindicated, Walk off with, Wangle, Wangle into, Wear down, Wedge, Wholly, Win, Win over, Wind, Wobbler, Yard, Yardarm, Zag, Zig, Zigzag, Zipper

How to use Hook in a sentence?

  1. This is done by hooking the ball with the soft swinging motion of one of the feet as the teams 8-man scrum pack pushes forward to give the hooker more room to hook the ball.
  2. He arranged two lines of men with flails, clubs, pitchforks, sickles, and reaping hooks.
  3. The truck had a red lamp hooked to its tailgate.
  4. He hooked a 24-lb pike.
  5. To draw or hook a golf ball, you must have fast hands.
  6. A picture hook.
  7. A perfectly timed right hook to the chin.
  8. Kurtz notes, ‘The small hooks at the end of the t and the i indicate a writer who is tenacious, holds on to beliefs, doctrines, ideals.’.
  9. Companies are looking for a sales hook.

Meaning of Hook & Hook Definition

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