Definition of Honorarium:

  1. Token payment to express gratitude, symbolize respect, or confer distinction on the recipient.

  2. A payment given for professional services that are rendered nominally without charge.

  3. An honorarium is a different type of payment than a per diem, which is a daily allowance paid to employees or consultants to cover business trip expenses, like a hotel stay, travel, and food.

  4. An honorarium is a voluntary payment that is given to a person for services for which fees are not legally or traditionally required. Honoraria are typically used to help cover costs for volunteers or guest speakers and may be considered taxable income. For example, when a guest makes a speech at a conference, he might receive an honorarium to cover travel expenses.

Synonyms of Honorarium

Fee, Payment, Consideration, Allowance, Trinkgeld, Amends, Atonement, Blood money, Bonus, Bounty, Bribe, Compensation, Consideration, Damages, Donative, Double time, Emolument, Fee, Gratuity, Gravy, Grease, Guerdon, Incentive pay, Indemnification, Indemnity, Inducement, Lagniappe, Largess, Liberality, Meed, Palm oil, Pay, Payment, Perks, Perquisite, Pourboire, Premium, Price, Quittance, Recompense, Redress, Remuneration, Reparation, Requital, Requitement, Restitution, Retribution, Return, Reward, Salvage, Salve, Satisfaction, Smart money, Solatium, Something extra, Sportula, Sweetener, Tip, Wergild

How to use Honorarium in a sentence?

  1. Honoraria are often used in academic settings by universities.
  2. An honorarium is a payment given to guest speakers who don't charge a fee for their services.
  3. A guest speaker is allowed to turn an honorarium and pay out of pocket.
  4. An honorarium is considered self-employment income by the IRS and is usually taxed accordingly.
  5. Some of it goes straight to individuals in the form of consulting fees, contracts, honoraria, and salaries.

Meaning of Honorarium & Honorarium Definition