Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKG) .HK

Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKG) .HK,

What Does Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKG) .HK Mean?

Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKG). HK is a member of the HKEX Group of Companies and is a major fundraiser for issuers in Hong Kong and mainland China. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the world's largest exchange by market capitalization, has its roots in the founding of China's first formal stock market, the Hong Kong Stock Brokers Association, in 1891. The second market opened in 1921 and merged into the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1947. The exchange introduced automatic ordering in 1993 and stock options trading in 1995. In 2000, it merged with the Hong Kong Futures Exchange and the Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company to form the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, a publicly traded company. Due to the dominance of e-commerce, the exchange ended its physical destination in 2017.

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Meanings of HK:
  1. Hong Kong.