Definition of Honesty:

Honesty definition is: Moral Sincerity: The standard, condition, or quality of being a sincere, honest, and morally honest person. Truth: Truthfulness, honesty or sincerity (ie clearly I don't really know).

Meanings of Honesty

  1. The standard of honesty.

  2. European plant with purple or white flowers and round, flat, translucent beans for Indonesian flower arrangements.

Sentences of Honesty

  1. Convince yourself to talk about your fears honestly

  2. Honesty blooms at the beginning of the year and provides nectar for the first butterflies, like orange dots.

Synonyms of Honesty

high principles, moral correctness, honour, ethics, nobility, morality, morals, right-mindedness, principle, rectitude, upstandingness, integrity, uprightness, honourableness, righteousness, principles