Honda S2000 Price

Honda S2000 Price

How much does an s2000 cost?

S2000 Lawnmower

Original Convertible RRP / Pricing Assumption
S2000 2D conv $ 32,800 / N / A 6 speed instructions
People also ask: Is the S2000 expensive to maintain? Several magazine authors have called the NSX the cheapest supercar. I think the S2000 is one of the most affordable sports cars around. If you run it for 95% of us, it will probably cost as much as a deal (or very similar). ### How much does an s2000 cost? When the S2000 completed its decade of racing in 2009, the car had a suggested retail price of $ 34,995, or about $ 41,700 in current dollars. ### Is it worth buying an s2000 like this? The S2000 is a great car, but it doesn't cost $ 18,000 for 100,000 miles. It also has a very limited aftermarket as the engine is basically in excellent condition from the factory. If all you're really interested in is a great driving experience on a winding road, then the S2000 is probably still your best bet right now. ### Why is the S2000 so expensive? The fact that only 66,547 were shipped to the United States during its production makes it a bit more special than most other cars from Japanese manufacturers. Finding an affordable Honda S2000 is hard work. A quick search found that the most decent examples cost around $ 25,000.

Why is the s2000 so good?

When it came out in 2000, it had 240 horsepower (which was fine for the day) but only 153 lb-ft of torque (which is fine for a Suzuki crossover). The S2000 therefore has some power and very little torque. The other thing about this car is that you really have to squeeze it to go really fast.

Is the S2000 easy to use?

I think the S2000 is very easy to use. It has a hood and full engine access. Compared to the mid-engined Cayman, there is everything. It’s pretty tight in the back, compared to an old full-size Chevy pickup where you could practically fit in the engine bay next to the engine

How many miles can the s2000 hold?

Saw a couple of S2Ks that have covered 400,000 miles. These are great, but it’s not uncommon for these cars to hit the 200,000 mark and keep moving forward.

What is the best year for the s2000?


Is the S2000 fast?

The S2000 manages 0.100km / h in six seconds, a top speed of 241km / h, classic rear-wheel drive, independent handling with double suspension, smooth six-speed manual transmission, front weight distribution / 50/50 in la rear, the limited slip differential and a very interesting driving environment - all closed Prices from a modest

can you get an s2000 every day?

The S2000 is a very exciting car to store and use, but here are some specific areas that are missing.

Is the s2000 making a comeback?

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the venerable S2000, Honda is breathing new life into the car as a custom prototype with exclusive parts that give it a slightly updated look. The car is on display at the Tokyo Motor Show and one can only hope this is a sign that the 9,000-rpm screamer is about to return someday.

What does S mean in s2000?

Some say it meant Closed Body Racer, Honda had a CB line and no body, which disproves this theory. # 1.3 LTS S2K, 08012003 5:55. S stands for SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC EXPIALIDOCIOUS

Should I buy ap1 or ap2 s2000?

AP2 is the best machine. AP1 is the best S2000. The AP1 looks good, but it is a very steamy car and most of the cracks were trained when the Ap2 came out.

Can I ride a Honda s2000?

So the answer is yes, with a little work you can adjust the seat, but you may need new guides to lower the seat a little. It’s worth it, believe me, you won’t get another car like a S2k!

What replaced the Honda s2000?

Our source reveals Honda is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018 by introducing a replacement S2000 and RC213VS superbike. The S2000 replacement would use the Civic Type R engine, but that plan no longer exists.

Is the s2000 a classic car?

S2000 is a special car that has been developed with a focus on driving pleasure. The technology is weak and allows for a manual transmission that collectors and car enthusiasts have enjoyed for ten years.

Which Honda is the fastest?

The Honda Civic Type R is the fastest and most powerful car the company has ever sold in the United States.

Do you prefer an s2000 or a 370z?

370Z is easier to use in everyday life, more power and space everywhere, more forgiving for beginners, more practical features / interfaces, bigger. The S2000 is rougher, sharper, sharper, more special, more memorable.

Honda S2000 Price