Honda Crv Tire Pressure

Honda Crv Tire Pressure

2003 Tire Pressure SDACRV? 3

I don't know what the tire pressure is on your 2003 CRV model.

Please tell me why it is now above 26 psi.

Must be 30 psi or higher on 2 tires or all 4 tires.

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

They should be between 3436 on all four tires.


I have a 2003 NDACRV and it appears in the Manual 26 for normal driving and for the 36SD at 160km / h.

Sorry, but the representative you see is visible everywhere. Each PSI has a driver's side door panel with a sticker indicating the tire. Interestingly, when I bought my NES CRV from a local dealer, they advised me to keep PSI 32 per tire, like my loyal mechanic! Give it a try and maybe check the tires monthly. than me :)

Tires. First you need to correct the spelling. Then disassemble the tire and read the recommended PSI inflation information on the rubber on the sidewall. If present I now.

Honda Crv Tire Pressure