Definition of Homogeneous:

  1. Items of a group that are all alike, interchangeable, or uniform. Opposite of homogeneous.

  2. Of the same kind; alike.

Synonyms of Homogeneous

Accordant, Akin, Alike, Aped, Austere, Automatic, Balanced, Bare, Basic, Chaste, Comparable, Consimilar, Consistent, Consonant, Constant, Continuous, Copied, Correspondent, Counterfeit, Elementary, Equable, Equal, Ersatz, Essential, Even, Fake, Favoring, Flat, Following, Fundamental, Homely, Homespun, Identical, Imitated, Imitation, Immutable, Indivisible, Invariable, Irreducible, Level, Like, Measured, Mechanical, Mere, Methodic, Mimicked, Mock, Monolithic, Nearly reproduced, Not unlike, Of a piece, Ordered, Orderly, Persistent, Phony, Plain, Primal, Primary, Pure, Pure and simple, Regular, Resembling, Robotlike, Severe, Similar, Simon-pure, Simple, Simulated, Single, Smacking of, Smooth, Something like, Spare, Stable, Stark, Steadfast, Steady, Suggestive of, Synthetic, Systematic, Unadorned, Unbroken, Unchangeable, Unchanged, Unchanging, Uncluttered, Undeviating, Undifferenced, Undifferentiated, Undiversified, Uniform, Uniform with, Unruffled, Unvaried, Unvarying, Similar, Comparable, Equivalent, Like, Analogous, Corresponding, Correspondent, Parallel, Matching, Kindred, Related, Correlative, Congruent, Cognate

How to use Homogeneous in a sentence?

  1. The newly printed cartons all appeared to be homogeneous after quality control workers had removed any that were damaged or improperly made.
  2. The homogeneous mixture was composed of both salt and water, but you could not tell that the salt was in the water.
  3. Timbermen prefer to deal with homogeneous woods.
  4. When Sally went to the store to shop for dish washing soap she couldnt decide which brand was the best because they all seemed to be homogeneous .

Meaning of Homogeneous & Homogeneous Definition