Definition of Homogeneous:

  1. Items in a group that are all the same, interchangeable or identical. Unlike contrast.

  2. Same person

Synonyms of Homogeneous

Methodic, Homely, Not unlike, Undiversified, Stark, Constant, Following, Pure and simple, Primal, Unchanged, Homespun, Of a piece, Unchangeable, Equable, Unchanging, Cognate, Correlative, Regular, Unvarying, Measured, Essential, Counterfeit, Bare, Favoring, Imitation, Level, Imitated, Invariable, Basic, Alike, Stable, Corresponding, Suggestive of, Related, Plain, Steady, Equal, Irreducible, Uniform, Uncluttered, Equivalent, Mere, Aped, Similar, Undifferentiated, Accordant, Unbroken, Simon-pure, Chaste, Parallel, Elementary, Austere, Flat, Something like, Congruent, Smacking of, Ersatz, Undeviating, Automatic, Smooth, Systematic, Severe, Like, Monolithic, Consimilar, Correspondent, Fundamental, Indivisible, Identical, Continuous, Mechanical, Unvaried, Matching, Steadfast, Mimicked, Like, Akin, Correspondent, Consistent, Pure, Kindred, Comparable, Copied, Comparable, Resembling, Orderly, Fake, Even, Single, Uniform with, Immutable, Simple, Undifferenced, Robotlike, Analogous, Persistent, Balanced, Unadorned, Synthetic, Unruffled, Simulated, Mock, Ordered, Consonant, Primary, Spare, Nearly reproduced, Phony, Similar

How to use Homogeneous in a sentence?

  1. After the quality control personnel removed the bad or bad boxes, all the newly printed boxes started to look the same.
  2. The same mixture is salt and water, but salt cannot be said to be water.
  3. Loggers like to treat wood the same way.
  4. When Sally goes to the store to buy washing powder, she can't decide which brand is best because everything looks permanent.

Meaning of Homogeneous & Homogeneous Definition