Definition of Homestead:

The house and surrounding land are owned and used as apartments.

Meanings of Homestead

  1. A house, especially a farm, and an attachment.

  2. (According to the Federal Land Ownership Act, 1862), an area of ​​public land in the West (usually 160 hectares) is assigned to an American citizen who has been interested in colonization and farming for at least five years.

  3. The agricultural town and suburbs in southeastern Florida, southwest of Mami, have a population of 57,936 (2008 estimate).

Sentences of Homestead

  1. They all spend a wonderful summer visiting their widowed grandmother, Emma Darwin, at an old farmhouse in Kent.

  2. Under the 1868 agreement, Indians were allowed to claim 160 hectares of property on government land.

Synonyms of Homestead

home, a roof over one's head, homestead, place of residence, lodging place