Homeowners Association (HOA)

Homeowners Association (HOA),

What is Homeowners Association (HOA)?

  • Meaning of Homeowners Association (HOA): The Homeowners Association (HOA) is an organization within a subdivision, planned community, or condominium that sets and enforces rules for real estate and its residents. People who buy property under the jurisdiction of the HOA automatically become members and must pay a fee called the HOA fee. Some associations may severely limit what members can do with their property.

    • The Homeowners Association (HOA) is an organization that sets and applies rules and guidelines for subdivisions, planned communities or condominiums.
    • Members of the Homeowners' Association are residents of a subdivision, parish or building. Some cities require mandatory membership for those who purchase property in the area.
    • The Home Owners Association (HOA) is governed by a board of directors and usually charges a monthly or annual fee for the maintenance of public areas and facilities.
    • The Homeowners Association (HOA) can impose fines on owners who do not comply with the rules.

Literal Meanings of Homeowners Association (HOA)


Meanings of Homeowners:
  1. Someone who has their own house.

Sentences of Homeowners
  1. Last year, a new team was formed to deal with criminals, dealing with unscrupulous homeowners and landlords who broke into vacant houses.

Synonyms of Homeowners

local, inhabitant


Meanings of Association:
  1. A group of people (often by name) are organized for this purpose.

  2. Cooperative bonds or bonds between people or organizations.

  3. The mental connection between thoughts or things.

Sentences of Association
  1. National Broadcasting Association

  2. Established close ties with the university

  3. There is a problem with the word bureaucracy

Synonyms of Association

partnership, interrelation, relationship, cooperative, syndicate, merger, confederacy, alliance, connection, attachment, confederation, corporation, tie, link, interconnection, bond, consortium, conglomerate, federation, amalgamation, coalition, union, guild, relation, league, interdependence

Homeowners Association (HOA),

Homeowners Association (HOA) Definition:

Homeowners Association (HOA) can be defined as, The Mayor's Association (A) is a subdivision within a subdivision, community plan or building that defines and enforces laws for the property and its occupants. People who buy property in the jurisdiction automatically become members and have to pay a membership fee called A fee.

  • The Mayor's Organization (A) is an organization that defines and enforces the rules and regulations of this subdivision, planned community or building.
  • The members of the larger association are residents of the subdivision, municipality or building. Some municipalities require mandatory membership for people who buy property in the area.
  • Led by a board of directors, many organizations often charge a monthly or annual fee for maintaining common areas and facilities.
  • Meoer organizations (As) may impose fines for non-compliance by Meoer.

Literal Meanings of Homeowners Association (HOA)


Meanings of Association:
  1. Mutual cooperation or relationship between people or organizations.

  2. The mental connection between things

Sentences of Association
  1. National Association of Probation Officers

  2. The word bureaucracy is an uncomfortable association.

Synonyms of Association

sodality, dealings, company, brotherhood, trust, consociation, cooperation, society, group, clique, circle, interchange, cartel, band, fraternity, communication, ring, club, body, affiliation, organization, contact, sorority