Definition of Homeostasis:

  1. The tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

  2. Disposition of living beings (and inanimate and appropriately designed systems) to keep on functioning at an optimum level, despite changes in the environment within certain limits. Homeostasis employs feedback mechanisms to maintain the dynamic equilibrium of a self-regulating system, similar to the way a tight-rope walker maintains balance on the rope. Human bodys maintenance of its optimum temperature and chemical balance is an example of homeostasis.

Synonyms of Homeostasis

Aplomb, Balance, Balanced personality, Constancy, Cool, Equilibrium, Fastness, Firmness, Imperturbability, Invariability, Nerve, Reliability, Rootedness, Sang-froid, Secureness, Security, Solidity, Soundness, Stability, Stable equilibrium, Stable state, Steadfastness, Steadiness, Steady nerves, Steady state, Substantiality, Undeflectability, Uniformity, Unshakable nerves, Unshakableness

How to use Homeostasis in a sentence?

  1. However, hormones that regulate physiological homeostasis in adults may be diluted, up to six-fold.
  2. Organisms need the ability to maintain homeostasis to continue a productive life, they must keep a balance in their own environment.
  3. Because the global economy is constantly in flux, it is important yet difficult for companies stay on an even keel and maintain homeostasis .
  4. The human body contains many complex systems that help to maintain a level of homeostasis for all important body functions.

Meaning of Homeostasis & Homeostasis Definition