Homem De Sagitario

Homem De Sagitario

Remember to get out? ۔

Everyone says you know we can be unfaithful.

this is true ???

Are they libertarians?

I am a scorpion and meet the wise.

He is playful and always plays games with girls.

Gives them freedom ...

But some Sao told me.

This word ????

No Roscopo says ... we can be unfaithful and still not punish mistakes ...

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SAÃÂRIO 11/22 to 21.12: Equipped with enviable enthusiasm, the perfect opportunity to say something marathon or raise your cup. Your favorite sport that happily trains great champions. Jupiter, the emir, reigns with a cheerful and attractive nature, like victorious, optimistic and passionate faces, as if it were a healthy relationship. Bed, most of the time, in the tent or on the deserted beach, likes to do without or for free and is ready to prepare you for a new geographical work. Like Ados games. With so much fire, it's hard to paint redemption or emotion, it's obvious, even if it's like a frustrating crush. But as a lover, I don't really need to say that.

Attention AL: As a Gemini symbol, able to understand its ending frequency.

Ongoing issue: Comedy, Leo and Aquarius. We have the potential to satisfy good colleagues as well as good relationships. As for Taurus, Virgo and Carnivo, they will be happy to be with you, be more careful: they see that they always want corn. Far from cancer and mesh, requires constant care and attention. Come on, he's dedicated to ending, an impossible task for a saint.

We all enjoy freedom but to say whether someone is faithful or not or ridiculous in terms of date of birth, I cheated on my girlfriend

On the floor I met as Mum Sao for 6 years, and she really loved freedom, was very playful, and loved women's friendship ... little corridor ... krskrskrs ...


■■■■, I am ...

I don't know if it is the same for men and women, but I have already brought the previous fdp and do not send any charges for it. It's like that .. no matter, it loves a lot, but ...

When you are in a good mood I jump with everyone, but not to give anyone freedom, I can do it, very good healthy friendship from playing with silk.

One thing pro © pro sao: people hate the usual! I'm not afraid to push because I'm doing the same ... It's ***** cool, in every way ...

TamboÂÂm odeio I feel like a victim ... I'm tempted to wear a hat, I will ...

They always need newness, even to improve the relationship ...

Maybe you say you have to work a little harder to believe or you're in love, you have to be very creative ..., not on two star influence ...

I don't know, do you want to know about bull fighting? ہاہاہاہی

many years

Wrong category!

Homem De Sagitario