Homebuilder Wrap-up

Homebuilder Wrap-up,

Definition of Homebuilder Wrap-up:

  1. Homebuilder Wrap-up means, A modified version of the company's summary (also called an Insurance Insurance Plan or CIP) that allows the developer to obtain comprehensive liability insurance for contractors performing construction work on behalf of the developer. Unlike traditional envelopes, these programs usually do not include workers' compensation insurance, which is the main focus of most commercial construction project envelopes. This concept was developed out of necessity, when the responsibility of the subcontractor failed in practice in areas affected by the insurance market collapse. This policy contains general limits of liability for the insured contractor as set out in the policy.

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Meanings of Homebuilder:
  1. A company whose business is to build private homes.

Sentences of Homebuilder
  1. Find your new luxury home with Toll Brothers, award winning home builders.


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