Home Warranty

Home Warranty,

What is The Definition of Home Warranty?

Home Warranty refers to Housing Guarantee is a housing service contract that covers the cost of equipment in your home for a specified period of time. Spends Home content insurance is different from home furnishings insurance.

  • A home warranty is a service contract that covers the cost of maintaining the system or device for a specified period.
  • Residential guarantees are often offered when purchasing an older home for which item information is not readily available.
  • This benefit differs from home appliance insurance, which covers the damage to the home due to fire or other natural disasters and its contents.
  • Internal warranties can range from $ 350 to from 600 per year, which can cost from to 50 to $ 100 for each item repaired.

Home Warranty means,

Not to be confused with your family's content insurance, content insurance protects you from expensive repairs or replacement of important equipment. To illustrate this point, think about how many times your air conditioning system failed last summer.

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Meanings of Warranty:
  1. Written warranty given by the manufacturer to the buyer of the item and promise to repair or replace it within a specified period if required.

Sentences of Warranty
  1. The car has a three-year warranty

Synonyms of Warranty

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