Home Remedy To Remove Protein From Contacts

Home Remedy To Remove Protein From Contacts

Can I use vinegar or something else on myself to remove the build up of stubborn protein on soft colored glasses? ۔


Okay I know I need to buy a new one but I lost my job and I don't have the money or money to buy it anymore but the protein is great. I took the money I had and bought a few drops of protein, but they didn't go. Do anything ... What is the strongest protein remover on the market?

You can buy protein remover tablets where they sell contact lens solutions. If filing is not too difficult, you can work.

Anything will damage your glasses.

But ... if there is dirt on your glasses that doesn't come off, it means your glasses need to be removed.

Use a protein remover recommended by a solution maker or optometrist. Rub the lentils on each side for at least 10 seconds, this will loosen the protein build up and then let it soak. You may need to repeat this process for a few days to remove all the protein from the lentils. Rinse the glasses with saline or multipurpose solution, keep it in the eyes.

Protein removers are usually recommended for regular lenses only. So if you are currently wearing disposable lenses, now is the best time to replace them.

Recommended rust solutions and protein removal methods claim to remove 99% of the protein, but this may be a false claim.

Protein removal solution.

Home Remedy To Remove Protein From Contacts