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Home Mortgage,

How Do You Define Home Mortgage?

A home loan is a loan made by a bank, mortgage lender or other financial institution to buy a home, be it primary, secondary or investment housing, not commercial property. Or industry. In the case of a mortgage loan, the owner of the property (borrower) transfers the property to the lender, provided that the property is transferred to the owner after the final repayment of the loan and other terms of the loan. The mortgage is fine. respectable

  • A home loan is a loan to buy a house from a bank, mortgage company or other financial institution.
  • Mortgages have a fixed or variable interest rate and a term of three to 30 years.
  • Lenders who give real estate mortgages retain ownership of the property and return it to the lenders after the mortgage is paid.

Literal Meanings of Home Mortgage


Meanings of Home:
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Meanings of Mortgage:
  1. A legal arrangement under which a bank or other lender lends at interest in exchange for the lender's asset allocation, provided the transfer of ownership occurs at the time of loan repayment.

  2. Assign (assets) to lenders as collateral for the loan.

Sentences of Mortgage
  1. I deposited one lakh cash and took the remaining installments

  2. The farm is on hold

Synonyms of Mortgage

credit, advance, mortgage, put up as collateral, guarantee, pawn