Home Loan Coordinator

Home Loan Coordinator,

How To Define Home Loan Coordinator?

Home Loan Coordinator means: Individuals appointed as mortgage coordinators by the dean of each campus and the laboratory manager. This person acts as a key campus level liaison for loan applicants.

Literal Meanings of Home Loan Coordinator


Meanings of Home:
  1. A place where you live permanently, especially as a family or household member.

  2. A facility for people who need professional care or supervision.

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Sentences of Home
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Synonyms of Home

accommodation, old people's home, underline, aim at, zero in on, nursing home, property, rest home, retirement home, highlight, spotlight, focus on, children's home, concentrate on, pinpoint, residential home, place of residence, a roof over one's head, fix on, focus attention on, centre on, institution, convalescent home


Meanings of Loan:
  1. Loan (cash or goods)

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Sentences of Loan
  1. The word processor was taken from us in the theater

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Synonyms of Loan

allow, give credit, credit, advance, lend


Meanings of Coordinator:
  1. Someone whose job it is to organize events and activities and communicate with others to ensure that they work together effectively.

  2. Words used to connect sentences, phrases or words that have the same syntactic meaning (e.g., and, or, or)

Sentences of Coordinator
  1. According to the co-ordinator, the conversion of organic farming increased from 23 farms in 1999 to 230 in 2005.

  2. Individual inquiries can be emailed to the competition coordinator at the national headquarters in Washington.

  3. Several associations have been asked to abolish coordinator positions.

  4. He is the coordinator of the State Patrol Secret Laboratory.

  5. Program coordinators arrange group tours, but students buy airline tickets themselves.

  6. It works well with regional coordinators who work directly with forms to collect data.

  7. He is the research coordinator for the Kentucky-based coalition.

  8. My team at the university is the Northern State's designated coordinator for this endeavor.

  9. "We have an unprecedented problem of forest health," said the Forest Monitoring Coordinator for the Allegheny Defense Project.

  10. "This is a great time to try organic beans in the South," said our grant coordinator.