Hollister Tag

Hollister Tag

What kind of security tag is in the list tag?

Even if you don't want it, you have to go back and ask them to remove it. These things are full of paint that can't peel or peel clothes for a few days (to prevent people from stealing). Therefore, you must delete it. Tip never leaves the store without making sure that all of these types of tags have been removed.

Put the shirt on the blister with the receipt (to prove you didn't steal it) and ask him to remove the safety tag. If the goods are too far away and you don't have time, just cut the fabric around the safety tag. I will definitely go ... but you said you don't care.

Don't try to get away with it, no matter what you do! But if it's a fabric tag, just take it off (as instructed). I would definitely recommend bringing it back to the Leicester store, although it is far from difficult. Bring it in one of them and I'm sure you will if you have a receipt! I now!

It's like a one click safety tag. They did it to me, but I had to go back and delete it. Your cousin may be able to remove it with a simple security tag remover.

There is no way to delete it yourself.

They should stop people from stealing. If you try to break it or damage it, it will stain your shirt.

Your best option is to delete it.

Be sure to bring your receipt!

Hollister Tag