Definition of Holistic:

  1. The characteristic of understanding those parts of an object which are deeply interconnected and can only be explained by reference to it.

  2. An overview of the components, their functions and characteristics, their interactions and their overall relationship.

How to use Holistic in a sentence?

  1. She does not like treatment from regular doctors and decides to consult a holistic doctor to try something different.
  2. I have a toothache and, instead of going to the dentist, I studied holistic treatments, such as grinding with salt water and applying clove oil to the teeth.
  3. Alternative medicine aims to improve the overall health of the human body, a comprehensive approach that extends to specific treatment of the disease to reduce symptoms.
  4. In that sense, it is possible to move a sample towards a holistic approach.

Meaning of Holistic & Holistic Definition

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