Holding: What is the Meaning of Holding?

  • Holding can be defined as, Court decision

  • A simple definition of Holding is: Any shares (mutual funds and shares), agreements (options) or fee value (bonds) that are in your investment.

Meanings of Holding

  1. A plot of land for rent.

  2. Shares, property and other financial assets owned by an individual.

Sentences of Holding

  1. He said he owns 100 acres of his own land, but has also rented other properties in the area.

  2. Commercial accommodation

Synonyms of Holding

holdings , land , proprietar , claim , state, canton, acreage , farm , buildings , means , goods , sector, capital , belongings, possessorship , administrative unit, valuables, administrative district, region, acres , property , area, zone, effects , premises

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Holding: What is the Meaning of Holding?

All shares (mutual and equities), contracts (options) or equivalent value of investments (bonds).

Meanings of Holding

  1. Pick it up, grab it or hold it in your hand.

  2. To save (someone)

  3. Stays safe, intact or in place without breaking or loosening.

  4. (A certain amount) or contains.

  5. That's the power.

  6. Saving or saving for someone else.

  7. Organize and attend (meetings or conversations)

Sentences of Holding

  1. He is holding a brown leather suitcase.

  2. Can't anchor ship

  3. Bookings can be made for 24 hours.

Synonyms of Holding

contain, put in jail, fit, assets, clench, incarcerate, savings, stocks and shares, cleave to, have room for, imprison, grip, put away, take, call, securities, immure, clutch, have in one's hand, estate, resources, stock, possessions, reserves


What Does Holding Mean?

Holding means, All shares (mutual and equity), agreement (options) or equivalent value (bond) of investment.

Meanings of Holding

  1. Pick it up, carry it or hold it in your hand.

  2. Stays safe, intact or in place without being broken or loose.

  3. Contains or may contain (a certain amount).

  4. Organize and attend (meet or talk).

Sentences of Holding

  1. Commercial housing

  2. She has a brown leather suitcase.

  3. Can't stop ship anchor

  4. The tank holds 24 gallons.

  5. The CEO still owns about fifty shares of the company.

  6. Reservations can be made up to 24 hours.

Synonyms of Holding

hold in custody, constrain, comprise, keep under lock and key, be the owner of, run, conduct, equities, officiate at, own, put in prison, keep under constraint, grasp, have in one's possession, bonds, convoke, accommodate, hold on to, carry, organize, shut up, clasp, bear, detain, put behind bars