Holding Power Formula

Holding Power Formula,

What is The Meaning of Holding Power Formula?

  • A formula that represents the maximum amount of losses incurred under a specific fixed price plan during the adjustment period without any additional premium.

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Meanings of Holding:
  1. A plot of land for rent.

  2. Shares, property and other financial assets owned by an individual.

Sentences of Holding
  1. He said he owns 100 acres of his own land, but has also rented other properties in the area.

  2. Commercial accommodation

Synonyms of Holding

canton, administrative area, district, zone, possessions, state, administrative district, valuables, department, sector, area, administrative unit, division, territory, region, administrative division, belongings


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Meanings of Formula:
  1. Mathematical relations or rules are expressed in symbols.

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Sentences of Formula
  1. Spherical capacitor capacitance formula

  2. Soft drink companies keep their formulas very strict

  3. Desperate hope to find a formula for peace

  4. Cool formula

  5. Formula two

Synonyms of Formula

set expression, form of words, phrase, aphorism, procedure, technique, recipe, method, formula, system, saying, blueprint, answer, solution, prescription, key, plan, magic formula