Holding company

Holding company,

Definition of Holding company:

  1. Basic companies exist for the sole purpose of controlling other companies, whether they be other companies, private companies or private companies. Parent companies can also own real estate, such as real estate, patents, trademarks, stocks and other assets.

  2. The holding company is a type of party property or structure. It is a parent company, a limited liability company (LLC) or a limited liability company (LP) that has enough capital and voting in another company to control the company's policies and monitor its management decisions. Has rights. Although the parent company owns the assets of other companies, it often has only oversight capabilities and, therefore, does not remain active in the day-to-day business management of the subsidiary.

  3. A type of corporate organization that allows a company (called a holding company) and its directors to control or influence another company (called a subsidiary). This system allows you to skip your critical activity and, under certain conditions, benefits from budget stability, easy distribution and remediation of operational losses. The legal definition of a parent company varies according to the legal system. Some require a majority (80%) or all (100%) of the subsidiary's vote, while others require only five%.

Synonyms of Holding company

Conglomerate, Corporation, Investment company, Body corporate, Corporate body, No-load fund, Aktiengesellschaft, Pool, Consortium, Investment trust, Commercial enterprise, Trade association, Closed-end investment company, House, Concern, Copartnership, Consolidating company, Conglomerate corporation, Combine, Partnership, Business establishment, Utility, Chamber of commerce, Stock company, Syndicate, Operating company, Mutual fund, Cartel, Compagnie, Business, Load fund, Diversified corporation, Industry, Firm, Plunderbund, Enterprise, Joint-stock association, Joint-stock company, Trust, Growth fund, Public utility, Aktiebolag, Company

How to use Holding company in a sentence?

  1. If you want to own a business but don't want it to be named after you, use a parent company to keep it secret.
  2. The parent company can control subordinate policies and oversee management decisions, but it does not manage day-to-day business.
  3. Sometimes the rich don't like to own things in their name, so they keep their business or assets in the parent's company.
  4. The parent company is protected from losses incurred by the subsidiary. Therefore, if a subsidiary goes bankrupt, its creditors cannot reach the parent company.
  5. I studied business at school and recently went to a Halloween store, asking the manager if he had a holding company.
  6. The holding company is a type of financial organization that has controlling interest in another company, called a subsidiary.

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