Definition of Holder:

  1. A smallholder.

  2. A person who holds something.

  3. A device or implement for holding something.

  4. Party that is in possession of a document of title, a negotiable instrument, or a security (bond, note, share) that is drawn, issued, or endorsed to the party, to its order, to bearer, or in blank.

Synonyms of Holder

Bearer, Owner, Possessor, Keeper, Proprietor, Container, Receptacle, Case, Casing, Cover, Covering, Housing, Sheath, Accepter, Acquirer, Addressee, Audience, Auditor, Beholder, Bracket, Candelabrum, Candlestand, Candlestick, Chandelier, Consignee, Container, Enjoyer, Gas fixture, Getter, Girandole, Have, Haver, Hearer, Keeper, Lamp holder, Lampstand, Light fixture, Light socket, Listener, Looker, Obtainer, Payee, Possessor, Procurer, Receiver, Receptacle, Recipient, Sconce, Spectator, Taker, Torch holder, Torch staff, Trustee, Utensil, Vessel, Viewer, Wall bracket

How to use Holder in a sentence?

  1. Funds may only be withdrawn upon request from the account holder when the proper verification is approved to allow the transaction to proceed.
  2. If someone asks you to be the holder then that means that they rely on you and trust you to do right by them.
  3. Since I am the sole holder of this stock, it is completely my decision whether or not I shall sell, or decide to keep it.
  4. Holders of two American hostages.
  5. On Monday two main contenders for the land were soon identified - the current holder Willy and another farmer, David Charnley.
  6. The cord retracts easily into its holder.

Meaning of Holder & Holder Definition

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