Hold My Pocket

Hold My Pocket

What does it mean to carry my bag? 3

Like the end of a prison break when T-Bag basically deals with Sarah and she tells him to take his wallet or she'll take it (because he told her that his The past is usually disgusting). And then, at the end of the episode, a prisoner pulls out his bag.

Bag T, in the first series of prison breaks, forced the prisoner to empty his bag, which means he protects you when you empty his bag, but at the same time he protects you. He does whatever he wants. She picks up her bag, but wonders which bag is bothering her.

So when you carry your bag, you basically have to walk around with it, and that means your voice. But, in return, it protects you.

This is a really ■■■■■ thing.

If Tabag had asked Sarah, she would have accepted or she would have taken him and her.

My bag

Hold My Pocket