Hoja Rayada

Hoja Rayada

How to draw HA line in word?

what happened

As far as your black color is concerned .. you have to make a mark .. meaning a line. _____ You already know it by handwriting .. You select it and in the toolbox section there is a K called para para .. It gives a thin in the bottom right corner a very useless quadrilateral with anklia ribbon on the background Yes ... click there and all these options will appear. And the line spacing option will appear. Wherever you say this, Edo says from the right side. Before and after, both days at 0 (c) and receive immediately.

And if that is not possible, select the context menu and click on it (right click) and select the paragraph option and a window will appear there. I mentioned in the previous round in eiado option and then in 0 (c) line spacing and 1.5 line spacing.

Note: If you don't get 1.5, check 1.5..which is rare, check your computer

Very little can serve you ... good luck ..

If you have any doubts, I will leave my MSN to you. We are here to serve you. Be careful and that is you.

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Hoja Rayada