Hockey stick chart

Hockey stick chart,

Definition of Hockey stick chart:

  1. A hockey stick chart is a line chart in which a sharp increase occurs suddenly after a short period of quiescence. The line connecting the data points resembles a hockey stick. Hockey stick charts have been used in the world of business and as a visual to show dramatic shifts, such as global temperatures and poverty statistics.

  2. A hockey stick is comprised of a blade, a small curve, and a long shaft. A hockey stick chart displays data low-level activity (y-axis) over a short period of time (x-axis), then a sudden bend indicative of an inflection point, and finally a long and straight rise at a steep angle.

  3. A description of the graphical shape of a line chart, which represents a hockey stick. The line is characterized by a sharp rise or fall in the data points after (or preceding) a longer flat period. Such graphs are usually used to illustrate that a drastic action may be needed, to either understand or combat the effects that created this dramatic shift.

How to use Hockey stick chart in a sentence?

  1. It is generally observed in scientific research measuring medical results or environmental studies. In cases of business sales, a hockey stick chart is represented by a sudden and dramatic increase in sales.
  2. A hockey stick chart is a chart characterized by a sharp increase after a relatively flat and quiet period.
  3. It is important to analyze whether the sudden increase is a permanent state of affairs or an aberration.

Meaning of Hockey stick chart & Hockey stick chart Definition

Hockey Stick Chart,

What is The Definition of Hockey Stick Chart?

Hockey Stick Chart refers to A hockey stick chart is a line chart that bounces off after a short rest. The lines connecting the data points look like hockey sticks. Hockey stick charts are used in business and as a visual element to reflect dramatic changes, such as global warming and poverty statistics.

  • After a relatively flat and quiet period, the hockey stick chart rises sharply.
  • It is commonly seen in scientific research that measures medical findings or environmental studies. In commercial sales, hockey stick cards are represented by a sudden and dramatic increase in sales.
  • It is important to analyze whether the increase is permanent or negative.

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