Hobby Loss

Hobby Loss,

Hobby Loss:

  1. Hobby Loss can be defined as, Loss of interest is a term that does not recoup money spent on recreational activities.

    • According to the IRS fact sheet, the IRS defines a hobby as any activity you do for fun, not for profit, from painting and pottery to scrapbooking and soap making. According to an IRS fact sheet.
    • If you and your children set up a lemonade stand in a busy area on a hot day and make money from it, you will need to report a receipt to 1040.
    • If the loss does not exceed the total revenue of the activity, you can reduce some of the losses from the activity.

Literal Meanings of Hobby Loss


Meanings of Hobby:
  1. The activities she does as usual to fill her free time.

  2. Little horse or pony

  3. An old world peregrine eagle with long, narrow wings that catch dragonflies and birds in flight.

Sentences of Hobby
  1. Her hobbies are reading and gardening

  2. However, vultures, young griffins and squirrels migrate before the wedding in late spring or late June.

Synonyms of Hobby

enthusiasm, leisure interest, avocation, diversion, sideline, divertissement, leisure pursuit, pastime, leisure activity, amateur interest


Sentences of Loss
  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of Loss

misplacement, forgetting, overlooking, dropping, mislaying