Hobby-loss Rule

Hobby-loss Rule,

Hobby-loss Rule Meanings:

  • The condition for reducing business losses is that you show that you are trying to make a profit. The law assumes that you have a lucrative job if you report three years of taxable income over a five-year period (or two in seven years, if you are a race, exhibition or race). Otherwise, your job will be considered a hobby unless you prove otherwise. This distinction is important because, if the cost of a hobby outweighs the revenue, the difference will be considered a personal expense, not a loss of tax deduction.

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Meanings of Hobby:
  1. An activity that he does regularly in his spare time.

  2. Little horse or pony

  3. An ancient world-designed eagle with long, narrow wings that catch flying dragonflies and birds.

Sentences of Hobby
  1. Her hobbies are reading and gardening

  2. Finally, eagles, young griffins, and fun mark the end of the migration in late June, spring or before marriage.

Synonyms of Hobby

sideline, diversion, divertissement, amateur interest, leisure interest, leisure activity, pastime, enthusiasm, avocation, leisure pursuit


Meanings of Loss:
  1. The fact or action of losing someone else.

Sentences of Loss
  1. Don't waste your time

Synonyms of Loss

misplacement, dropping, overlooking, forgetting, mislaying


Meanings of Rule:
  1. Any clear or understandable principle or principle that governs the conduct of a particular company or territory.

  2. Control or govern an area or city.

  3. Normal or normal conditions.

  4. A piece of wood or other hard material used to measure the length of a ruler or to mark straight lines.

  5. Orders made by a judge or court in only certain cases.

  6. Use maximum power or authority (an area and its people)

  7. Talk to the authorities and the law to get things done.

  8. Drawing parallel lines (paper)

Sentences of Rule
  1. The rules of the game are understood

  2. The revolution ended British rule

  3. The accident was a rule of thumb

  4. The plastic mold includes a ruler, measurement and drilling instructions.

  5. The region is now ruled by elected politicians

  6. Place the page horizontally and print the information correctly.

Synonyms of Rule

requirement, be the leader of, feint, convention, by-law, lead, adjudicate, mastery, standard, be in control of, administration, govern, injunction, dominate, ascendancy, pronouncement, sway, pronounce, routine, hegemony, court order, mandate, ordain, dominion, sovereignty, direct, preside over, precept, ruled