Hmj Meaning

Hmj Meaning

What does Hmj mean in the text?

HMJ means: Hit My Jack Hit My Jack. HMJ is an abbreviation, acronym, acronym, or slang term defined as Hit My Jack.

What does Hmj mean in linked text?

Hmmm means hitting me. So hitting me in the head means robbing me.

What does HML mean the same way?

I hate my lifeDo you also know what Hmj stands for Urban Dictionary?

HMI stands for Hit My Inbox, so send me a message.

What does HMJ mean on Snapchat?

HMJ stands for Hit My Jack, a phrase you can use to write me.

What does HML mean on Snapchat?

HML stands for Hit My Line, a phrase to call or write to me.

What does Hmph mean on Snapchat?

Hmph means disinterested or unimpressed.

What does Snapchat HMU mean?

beat me

What does PRC mean?

WTW is a specific text acronym used to ask what the word is, what it means, what is going on.

What does SFS mean?

Scream After Scream, aka SFS. SFS is the organically distributed vortex on Instagram. This means you put someone else’s photo on your profile and tell your followers to follow them and the other person will do the same and ask their followers to follow you.

What does MHM mean in SMS?

MHM is short for mmhmm. It is used in place of yes or to indicate approval of a suggestion or opinion. It is conversational and is used in informal testing.

What does SMH mean in slang?

shakes his head

What does the abbreviation BAE mean?

What does LMAO mean?

LMAO is one of the many words used in SMS, instant messaging, chat, and on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve probably seen this slang on the Internet before.

Curious what that means?

Did you know it can have multiple meanings?

LMAO is an acronym that stands for Laughing My ■■■ Off.

What does LLY mean on Snapchat?

Lick You Love

What Does TML Mean?

Thanks later

what does FFF mean?

F F F. Abbreviation for Flat Foreign Woman. There was a group of FFFs at the pool party.

What does SK mean on Snapchat?

What does FS mean on Snap?

Of course

what does chu mean on Snapchat?

Hmj Meaning