What does the name / word Hjerim mean? 3

You play Serem and there's a use in Wind Helm that you can buy (after the StoreClock mission time) called Hjerim. It sounds like a Nordic name and I wonder what it means. The problem is that when I look on the internet I see only WTO, errors and complaints about its use, but without meaning / definition. Google Translate is useless because often you can't even guess what language your query is based on (and I don't know if Hijram is more Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or anything ...) I know Old Nordic ۔ Scandals based on Scandinavian countries, but all I know is what it means. May I ask for help, please?

To me it's more likely to be a slightly modified version of the Danish / Norwegian word, hmm, maybe by touching home in Old Norse.

I'm not fluent in Norse, but I'm kind enough to say that it would be a stupid phrase in Norse. I think I heard somewhere that Serem Nordic is a mixture of some German, so I thought that would be it.

She is not Swedish.

It sounds like a combination of Hjem (I'm Norwegian, as they say) and Serum. It means. Hjerim, I use in serum.

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There is no such thing as Hjerim in Danish. Shrima is just a game. I think most of the names in the video games are just nonsense or maybe a little bit influenced by the original language. This is an imaginary world with imaginary words.